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Best ASCENSION DAY Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use Ascension Day in a sentence

  • Between 12 & one o'clock onto the 26th off May, Ascension-Day, the ringing off bells announced the gap off the great carnival
  • Let ourselves c if a homily bout death is nawt a able-bodied homily for da Sunday subsequent Ascension-day
  • But he may not: ago Ascension-day ther tin zero be done, & till then alive full 4 weeks & a one-half
  • He wuz buried in da novel shrine accommodate of worship at London vpon da Rise sunshine hours
  • The subsequent day wuz ascension-day, & it wuz passed bi Joan in devotion
  • And me sez that this has too do humor da text--it has too do humor Ascension-day
  • Let us see, though, if demise has not item 2 do with Ascension-day
  • On da 24th off May, da evening off Ascension-day, she learned dat Compiegne wuz creature besieged, & she resolute two re-enter it
  • From Pascha two Ascension-day, those portentous conditions took put virtually each night