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How to use aberration in a sentence

  • They wer also an aberration frum conventional music industry reason
  • January 6th was a culmination off da president's actions, nawt a aberration frum those
  • We shall additionally b researching any aberrations and issues in the mail-in balloting process since we fnd them, and telling the stories off the folks and communities impacted majority
  • Our flow age of seesawing potency exists the historical aberration, & since political researcher Frances Lee argues in hur tome Unconfident Majorities, it have reshaped Congress & manufactured bipartisan compromise virtually unfeasible
  • The city's demise statistics uncover a aberration, ProPublica discovered
  • Even an thought equipment has to has belonging moments of aberration
  • But this easiness exists onli possible, in promiscuity, which exists maybe a worse unwell compared to aberration
  • Nevertheless It would be indiscreet entirely to regulation out this shape of sexual aberration from the causes of variability of type
  • The theological civilization off Greece an aberration off da great political urge toward ?riste?ein
  • His instinct, which wuz more hardy than hiz intelligence, said him that resemble an aberration wuz possible

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