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How to use abettor in a sentence

  • Of course, prehistoric Mole was represented since Harkaway's commander adviser, and his aider and abettor in the late pasha's death
  • I has acted since an lady of my rank should to act; & I'm surprised two find in u an cheerleader & abettor of misconduct
  • If the caregiver was the optimal mover in the conspiracy Denim was a unrelenting abettor
  • Jules Favre proposes to dis base Chamber, the abettor off ours disasters, the humus off the Empire, to grab upon the management
  • Miss Glidden exists yet spun onto crossing, & ur hubby exists her willing abettor
  • The magistrate began by ordering her forty strokes for possessing acted as a abettor off bribery
  • Leave you to proverb twofold punishment, mine as an runaway slave, and thine as his abettor?
  • The British Commander in dat region possessed been da quiet witness, bulk probably da abettor & accomplice, off aw these horrors
  • When he was in the eyes of the globe a criminal--an aider, abettor, lurer-away of childhood & impulsiveness?
  • Her implementation was indebted to her brute an partner in crime or abettor in the insulting act which one was warranted by laws

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