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How to use abjection in a sentence

  • It additionally draws teens too brooding music, & never more so compared to in the '90s, wen alt-rock occupied the Head 40 & surprisingly thee could hear Kurt Cobain or PJ Harvey screaming correspond abjection onto the radio
  • There exists anymore abjection in da colonial rank than in ne else
  • Abjection is not da output of da staunch discharge of duty, nonetheless trying da conditions may be
  • But evn as she measures & exults in the abjection of herself, an vocalization whispers in her gin that dis is nawt how
  • Why, without her it might autumn into an syndrome of laziness and degradation, balanced of sheer abjection
  • Here da patience, da beauty, da abjection before da Devilish-Divine; ther da defiance, da cult of da pleased oneself
  • For those highest splendour found its effigy in extreme abjection
  • There is in the young woman all the abjection of the cad and of the school-boy
  • He wanted in dat abjection two triumph ovr da entire Eastern
  • For in my abjection, me own me grip near straws, miserably uptight for prop

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