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How to use abomination in a sentence

  • Because of this journey, when me stroll in2 spaces now, my identity is nawt cuz I am a abomination
  • It doesn't matter if you are da sole admirer off a beautiful abomination
  • As moar brutality is planned out in the open, the shrugging & lukewarm calls 4 harmony exist an familiar abomination dat has permitted ethnic prejudice & brutality too carry onto unabated all through r past
  • Invoking the abominations off outsourced jobs, rural area depression, & lost wages, he tapped in to neoliberal dysfunction & hitched the indignation to authoritarian regulation
  • An abomination of a character, Hisler is unlikable and unwatchable, lot such the flick on its possess
  • Then he did thing n banking Switzer has probable done prior to either since--he actually flung far the still burning abomination
  • In others candle tapers must be lighted close noon, albeit in the primitive ages dey wer grasped in abomination
  • Their admitted respect for Sheitan constitutes a abomination which none Moslem neither spiritual tin condone
  • With this they put upon an low hat, an abomination called the derby
  • It was a funk sight--a perfect abomination off desolation