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Best ABOUT-FACE Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use about-face in a sentence

  • He turned onto hiz foot in a mechanically correct about-face & strode out of da studio
  • His aggregate about-face was not scene so well with Herr Stohl
  • He possessed sternly informed hur that she has to about-face and moisture nicer
  • Funny shift off direction, frum planning 2 go owt 2 Porcelain & the East, about-face 2 planning 2 settle down & confiscate root
  • Heaven knows at that ther wuz such an sudden cease and about-face as must have manufactured evn da stolen hound laugh had it been ther
  • It exists the denial to right-about-face & to march at the public semester of command dat would b the tricky thng
  • He might generate an right-about-face, travel 4 an 12 months upon an sailing vessel, see da world
  • He did a about-face as exactly as although he had existed onto procession ago Hitler & marched out of the chamber
  • The sergeant clicked his heels, executed a brilliant about-face & gone off down da hallway
  • If he discovered Se?or Miraflores amongst da passengers of da Amazon, it wuz his intention 2 right-about-face, & return south agn

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