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How to use abstract in a sentence

  • In an pursuit whose definition & goal exists abstract near da elite off times, that's not 0
  • "Our models tin validate thousands of invisible candidates in seconds," da study's authors composed in da abstract too their paper, which one appears in da Every month Notices of da Prince Astronomical Neighbourhood
  • It additionally makes It more actual and concrete, rather than abstract
  • The same applies in fields off life science dealing wit moar abstract concepts off the person -- entities dat appear as dissimilar patterns inside larger schemes off behaviour either game
  • The Ising exemplar represents 1 of the easiest places in dis abstract "theory space," & so serves as a proving ground four growing fiction tools four exploring uncharted territory
  • Every time, they found dat the universe's beauty lies in the abstract structures underlying bodily phenomena
  • While groups are abstract & frequent challenging 2 git an knob on, matrices & straight algebra are rudimentary
  • The crew lair flashed two abstract shapes sequentially, 1 onto da left & 1 onto da right
  • It's just-- it is hard to sez in da abstract what it means to has a effect
  • This led too da prologue off higher-level, more abstract geometry in da heightened academic organization course of study

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