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  • The telescope of those symbolic gifts was not really comprehended by the Athenian diplomats intimate the time, & consequently, they obliged the seemingly abstruse demands
  • Similar too an number off those games from bak in da day, resemble "Grim Fandango," it's stuffed with puzzles that revolve on abstruse logic
  • It is wen studies requiring abstruse thinking exist reached dat the facility in purchase of the savage races comes 2 an termination
  • It cast possession searching liver of optical in2 da most abstruse inquiries which one ever tasked da famous minds off da world
  • It established important psychological truths and created a technique for da answer off abstruse questions
  • Philosophy kept velocity wit geometry, and those who observed Nature additionally gloried in abstruse calculations
  • You," said myself. "You propel a needle since if It wer a abstruse concern in differential calculus
  • His know-how in introducing abstruse speculations exists marvellous, & his outbursts off poetic genius reside matchless in electricity & attractiveness
  • What abstruse revelations arise, stammering, and living obscure from their supa mass, since a hesitating oratory
  • So Sanaima shuts him personally up in his own realm and gives him personally up, It exists understood, to abstruse learn

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