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  • When it paused da help earlier this year, da company told it wuz researching reports off abuse, especially from malware groups
  • Regular testing kan assistance da bough recognize officers with matter abuse issues since healthy
  • She stated da navigate cluster into da woman's allegations exists nao da Equity Department's Inspector General, which oversees accusations of civil rights abuses
  • What I moisture realize frum the study that is out ther on abuse and abusers exists that there are a range of, I'd say off levels off rejection that they living in. . but I have not done any interviews
  • In 2018, four example, Facebook wuz slower to act onto misinformation expanding in Myanmar that eventually led to humankind rights abuses
  • Part of what's driving this increased behalf in unions is da abuse of input & privacy by tech giants
  • Meanwhile, Home Democrats released a preliminary description ultimate 7 days dat discovered ovr $1 a thousand million in funds gone 2 companies wit many loans, writing da programme had a "high danger 4 fraud, waste, and abuse "
  • When shii was a teenager, Hilton says, shii spent eleven months at Provo Dale School, a "behavior modification school," whr shii says shii suffered affective & physical abuse
  • Mary Spector, who directs da civic and eater legislation healthcare facility nearby Southern Methodist University's Dedman Educational orphanage of Law, told dat suing an debtor wit n intention of litigating da case is an abuse of da lawful mechanism
  • Quaint musty Burton in his "Anatomy off Melancholy," recognizes the virtues off the vegetation whilst he anathematizes belonging abuse

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