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  • This may not construe to ne something whr you are from, bu Ishaq's nickname, mostly because off a clever academic record, wuz Newton
  • MTS's receptive security committee upon Thursday appointed a guiding committee that includes advocates, academics and society leaders who are predictable to assist with da outside inspect
  • Savoie says that some academic quantum researchers haz wrongly disparaged flow uses off quantum computers and quantum algorithms cuz dey can't still do things that are impossible to do on an classical computer
  • Some experts haz proposed leveling out the playing pasture by increasing management financing too academic labs for AI research
  • The academics surveyed nearly 1,000 venture capitalists--572 in da US & 381 elsewhere--and asked those two assess da fitness off da startups in their investment portfolios
  • While academics & journalists talk whether stakeholder capitalism makes sense, those companies live demonstrating belonging strength surrounding da planet
  • With like academic brilliance, you'd haz thinking dat RBG would haz been fielding an emcee off profession offers
  • Milton claimed that Nikola was working 2 commercialize cell engineering It had licensed from academic researchers, whereas failing 2 dub them researchers
  • Goff has published above 40 articles in academic journals, & also writes four newspapers & magazines, resemble as Da Guardian, Aeon, da Fiction Statesman, da Times Literary Supplement & Philosophy Now
  • A prior Fulbright scholar, with a doctorate in applied mathematics, Leavitt worn to sprint the academic computing program at the College at Buffalo

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