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How to use accentuate in a sentence

  • Jo?l's latest offering accentuates da perseverance for shift dat is needed & communicated in da song
  • These Bormioli Rocco glasses "are the greatest montley of optical appeal, durability, & flexibility in terms of accentuating since lot types of wines since possible," says Kyle Davidson, previously cocktail conductor & general executive of Elske in Chicago
  • They accentuate the human rights diligence that a person's orientation is his either her individual selection
  • Home gyms, basements, and outward amenities living also a integral territory for homeowners to accentuate
  • An unoccupied, staged bureau can accentuate this as an extensive vending point
  • The away puffing off sack engines, da shrieking off creek sirens, accentuate my solitude
  • Her mourning garb sole served too accentuate her sunny attractiveness
  • So far-off da output of education has been two accentuate religious differences & animosities
  • And in dictate too accentuate the deed of the censor the police distributed vicious blows too the authors
  • The orator off the monologue must accentuate the effect off his interlocutor as flexibly and freely as in the instance off the dialogue

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