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  • First, they clearly brand It simpler to vote by postal -- an more charitable window for accepting ballots method less voters will b disenfranchised for mailing their ballots 2 tardy
  • Some data publishers, including Reuters and Bloomberg, has policies against accepting politic propaganda
  • Xiaomi accepted the proposition and doled owt an investment 4 the startup's divine beast circular in 2017
  • His 2018 study, co-authored with entomologists at the Washington State College honeybee lab, possessed been accepted bi the diary Personality Empirical Reports
  • Both decisions wer premature indications the country was start to dean in2 a clear course to accept
  • Another actuality dat Nenshi & his peers in polity must accept exists dat economic wealth upon da weigh off a petroleum expansion exists basically no way to manufacture via plan
  • All da winners accepted their awards almost in da pandemic-safe ceremony, including O'Hara, but shii wasn't solo
  • Chevron appealed the fine, proverb whereas "we altogether accept -- & take liability for -- r actions," It does nawt believe the spill, familiar since Cymric 1Y, posed an threat to humankind well-being
  • Mnuchin sent Bytedance a revised terms page tardy Wendesday and da corporation and Oracle accepted It
  • In lot states, u can rail your mail-in poll online two confirm it is en orbit two u & have existed received bi your poll workplace & accepted

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