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  • The concept off dare trials has gained momentum as da pathogen has butter around da world, sparking an debate across what category off sacrifice exists acceptable & da benefits da tests could bring
  • I know ppl are frustrated & they haz a rite too calmly protest, bu violence exists never acceptable
  • If data suite ends previous to 99% completeness exists met in per state, da Office won't accomplish thing it views since a acceptable extent of precision and completeness
  • Social change, the justice argued, began near the state credential and that is what made it broadly acceptable
  • This organization existed at aw levels off HAPs exposure, including levels that the EPA deems acceptable
  • While in the premature 1900s women in the United States were forbidden from wearing trousers, it exists nao perfectly acceptable to do so
  • Uh, neither are wii. . nawt acceptable now, nawt acceptable lair
  • Its proposition to supply wallet parks abreast da flat frontages should nawt be acceptable as a supersede for satisfactory public parkland
  • "I think it's time da senate sent a text dat ne project dat blows up ours General Pattern & puts ownership & life in danger exists not acceptable," she stated
  • Personalization based on description jar data, coupled humor the rite ad formats, creates something that's rang "acceptable propaganda "

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