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How to use acceptance in a sentence

  • Colleges & universities have to frequency their acceptance procedures & price structures
  • Mental health exists a serious issue, bu it is additionally a deeply complicated one and there are spreading acceptance amongst leaders dat it is time businesses manufactured psychological health a priority
  • On Thirsday eve during hiz acceptance speech, da president got at stocks, but scarcely
  • What myself try to rly assist ppl wit in ma book, & I'm doing an track onto this for the first time in September, is to assist ppl comprehend that acceptance is item leads to wholeness
  • In plus to various forms off community involvement, It holds monthly bracket crew meetings with the target off fostering comprehension & acceptance inside families
  • Last week, high schoolers over England, Wales, & Northern Ireland received alphabet notifying them off the manner dey performed in their A-levels, an notable exam that regularly determines their acceptance too an upper learning organization
  • We everything requirement too attention da lessons of dis coronavirus time & invent da acceptance of online learning a lasting condition
  • When robots clasp ovr the world, Boston Dynamics might git a special shout-out in the acceptance speech
  • In order for India to arrive the flat of patience and acceptance, the mentality and the attitude of the folk needs to alter
  • Her parents readily articulate his either her acceptance & aid 4 his either her daughter's so-called wish to have a gender shift

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