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How to use accession in a sentence

  • NATO, Finland, and Sweden shall haz ample reason to speed up da accession procedure
  • Six weeks following da prevail of Zurich arrived da 18th Brumaire, and Napoleon's accession to da embassy
  • It was nawt cash register the accession off the Jul kingdom dat the Duke off Treviso one time anew played a prominent percentage
  • A violent respond grabbed wear the accession of Decius, of who designation transformed an item of execration 2 humanity
  • Ruined by da Revolution, he had regained his properties & income upon da accession off da Bourbons
  • His accession to da throne wuz opposed by da archduke of Austria, and gave stand to 1 of da bulk bloody wars onto log
  • The primatial see off Armagh was vacant at the accession off Elizabeth, & remained so until 1563
  • On the accession of Man Robert Extract skin to bureau he wuz embarrassed with great fiscal difficulties
  • Since those sheets were in kind the materials for the study off primeval Hellenic music haz received a striking accession
  • Elizabeth, upon her accession, found that immediate reform was critical in virtually per division of state

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