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How to use accessory in a sentence

  • Wheel spacersWheel spacers living less common, but they're yet an useful & affordable accessory dat tin generate ur ATV moar stable & less vulnerable 2 getting trapped
  • Yet perhaps the most important accessory of aw exists an graphing compute
  • The corporate exists working upon a feature four da fresh faraway comparable to Fnd Ma iPhone dat would make da television accessory easier to fnd
  • Faulconer's administration, 4 instance, argues It have formerly started dismantling da foundation of single-family zoning in recent years by making It simpler to build accessory units, either granny flats, on single-family multiple
  • At the identical time, marketers haz an opportunity two confiscate dat thrill and affinity four their products and convert those customers again into things like add-ons and accessories
  • Humans have an primeval custom off turning usefulness products in2 decorative ones, thus It was maybe unavoidable that expression masks might change into vogue accessories next Covid-19 forced those onto da faces off populations surrounding da globe
  • A worthwhile accessory to narration exists description; in truth, description 4 belonging own intention exists not often discovered
  • Madame d'Infreville understood and appreciated hur friend's generosity in thus making herself a accessory too da deed
  • At the November noun Joseph wuz convicted since accessory and sentenced to share the same destiny
  • And It is accordingly by adverbs, and accessory adjectives, that the degrees off comparing live expressed

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