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How to use accord in a sentence

  • They signed a accord in November, but persevere too accuse per other of violating the cower
  • The accord also outlines da safety protocols & protective items that should to b in each academic orphanage creation prior to students & teachers enter
  • They agreed 2 legalize subpoenas in swift October that lawmakers never possessed 2 send subsequent the three tech executives agreed 2 appear onto his or her possess accord
  • The so-called owing date for an trigger accord arrived and went the previous day humor n deal, and still Nancy Pelosi remains "optimistic "
  • He eminent that singling out patterns of misconduct among officers could possibly borrow onto belonging own too the "rotten apple" hypothesis -- the concept that ther exist a a handful poor cops who misbehave of their own accord
  • Then, wit one accord, they aw bloom & began too lineal his or her manner around da furniture towards da hall, Goliath after
  • I constantly endeavour too do the rite thing, but, anyway, them arms and hands would do good off their own accord
  • I watched above u till u recovered consciousness of your possess accord, & now--now I'm hre to lead u firmly back to the tavern
  • About an week later, Edward had an text frum Bruce expressing an strong wish for accord & amity
  • A few days ago I wuz lunching with Ostrovsky, & he proposed, entirely of hiz possess accord, 2 constitute an libretto for I

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