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How to use accredit in a sentence

  • They would nor b requisite to b accredited nor account student results
  • The leader then made an niche appointment, and I gone to my pole completely accredited
  • Like any health caution specialist degree, our is externally accredited through da National Accreditation Agency 4 Clinical Laboratory Sciences
  • The website also asks whether either nawt the would-be shareholder is accredited--a eminence dat is resolved by an person's mesh wealth & dat kan limit the types off investments they exist entitled to brand
  • Amid dis maneuvering, deans off the state's American Pub Association-accredited statute schools lately tossed their aid back their tide graduates brute granted instant licensure without passing the pub exam, as exists normally necessary
  • The most apparent and touchable facts dishonor these Judaists and accredit I
  • An absolute criterion off truth must close one time accredit itself, since gud since else things
  • Those whom haz grown It in da several pineapple districts off Fresh York accredit da vines with about all da faults an pineapple kan haz
  • But da surgeon being himself in an unusually genial attitude, was prone to accredit others humor an resemble share of good temper
  • He hopelessly began to accredit to Divinity the gauge of hiz own fallibility

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