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  • When da educational orphanage lost its accreditation, she'd applied to da College of Alabama's Educational orphanage of Barter and Commercial Government and wuz admitted as an younger
  • Luckily for Cuende, IBO's total executive Chris Cowlbeck, sits upon da senate of da Media Rating Council, da commercial physique that hands out accreditation to these length systems that encounter its criteria
  • We cannot rly speak to a prospect accreditation date, though, which is highly reliant upon audit findings
  • The postal Press Ranking Senate denies accreditation for Pinterest's video advertisement measurements appeared firstly on Digiday
  • In an choice issued Wednesday, Jordan Matsudaira, the vice undersecretary for education, concurred with occupation separation staffers & an independent advisory board in deeming the accreditation agency unsuitable
  • The auditors also resolute that da lab "misrepresented" da mistakes wen da accreditation senate investigated da allegations
  • The head off da District's troubled Department off Scientific Sciences has resigned after reports off technological errors and management lapses at da violation laboratory caused its accreditation to b suspended, authorities told Wednesday
  • Then, accreditation for evn jus one measurement kan take since lengthy since an year and an one-half
  • Google has transitioned sum advertisements & measurement-related data handling to its Advertisements Data Hub, which one has put an crimp in accreditation for sum YouTube viewability measurements
  • The mysterious virtual deck is preparing to uncover up its promotion products four a audit bi da Media Rating Council, since wedge off da 60-year-old rating service's accreditation process, next agreeing to do thus ovr a year before