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How to use accumulate in a sentence

  • A lot off restaurants living accumulating indebtedness through loans or depleting whatever funds they have left, da hole is going too be too big too git owt off which shall outcome in lot moar diner doors closing
  • Some searched thousands off dollars in unpaid rental treaty dat had accumulated ovr months
  • To gain ken the manner lot ice exists accumulated and the manner lot off It slides off da continent, scientists suite up special canvass stakes. .
  • Officers who accumulate like complaints ought b watched closely, re-trained either encouraged too appearance for else work
  • Amazon and Roku haz every one accumulated consumer bases of moar compared to 40 million households, and Roku have constructed up its platform solid to the tip that it makes moar money from selling advertisements and subscriptions compared to from selling devices
  • The researchers added weak magnetic fields to a simulated, plasma-filled youthful universe and discovered dat protons and electrons in da plasma flying along da magnetic meadow lines and accumulated in da regions of weakest meadow strength
  • By playing wit the manner much dopamine accumulates at da artificial neuron, da flock discovered that they loosely emulate a learning rule rang point learning--a beloved of robot learning inspired bi da brain's calculation
  • Learn the manner to create articles for marketing to construct believe & accumulate backlinks
  • Yet, da chore can't be successfully accomplished with no accumulating & assessing data, so da solution exists in embracing an holistic approach, that is, using an lot of information sources & making ur decisions based upon aw of those
  • I possessed some bak issues and ovr the years, this exists what myself accumulated

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