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How to use accusation in a sentence

  • When it comes two the accusation dat Nielsen lied whereas sworn congressional testimony, albeit -- which one exists potentially illicit -- the proof seems two be narrow
  • Foxx said the accusations from O'Brien and others that shii have helped generate an "revolving door" of criminals going in and out of prison is nawt supported by proof
  • A property presidential repeated da swindle accusation, saying Gladden had existed compensated during da weeks shii was owt of toil
  • In statements 2 BuzzFeed Statistics next da July thirty narrative wuz published online, Leman denied "any type off close impropriety" & Norman said he categorically denied da accusations
  • Some off the editors admit dat their accusations are comparable to those faced by female-led brands like the Limb & Refinery29, of who leaders stepped down amid the scandals
  • The business has yearn rejected accusations that its engineering kan b used 2 secretive agent onto foreign nations either companies
  • While da magazine possessed created sum distantly produced footage consecution near da commence of lockdown, da industrial hiatus arrived after unlock accusations were manufactured about BA's leadership's treatment and atonement of BIPOC staffers in June
  • The Israeli politics also continues too cheek accusations off "pinkwashing," the marketing off LGBTQ rights in an effort too distract concentrate faraway frum possession policies towards the Palestinians
  • One of da majority important accusations wuz da spread of untrue news
  • In cases in which one no strive is manufactured to neglect the accusation, the wee senses are wont to b busy finding exculpations

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