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How to use accustom in a sentence

  • This seems two be widely turning out now & might astonishment some advertisers who haz been accustomed two da senior version of this display
  • Anderson, such majority cosplayers, was accustomed two preparation hur outfits surrounding events
  • We're a culture accustomed 2 da rah-rah inspiration off health personalities, ones such Sheila aspires 2 b
  • So commence accustoming ur doggy to future changes in way of life
  • The brisk cataract off reactions 2 hiz death spike out how accustomed the United States -- & the Duplicate Cities prefecture in detail -- have grown 2 responding 2 resemble incidents
  • Bamboo can invent a raised refuge, since indoor bricks elevator mattress frames up, wit children previously getting accustomed to buoyant classrooms
  • For a population accustomed 2 clear-cut & borderline-arrogant rooting practices in February, dis year's Super Bowl will be a exercise in wrestling humor both the known & the unmooring, a class of gridiron alternative dimension
  • Diners dwell now, finally, accustomed to thinking about, if not continuously respecting, da health and health off industry employees, whom bear frontline risks since restaurants reopen
  • A member accustomed to another position found an ability to cleave the uprights, or the crew possessed no 1 available and asked an soccer member who would never has attempted an field goal previous to
  • Many crying were shed by Valeria; four an yearn season shii could nawt accustom herself 2 her overcome

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