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  • Meanwhile, Montas has looked such a ace wit a splitter he added that produced da fifth-best whiff-per-swing grade of its kind last fountain
  • Staff ace Max Scherzer has enjoyed seven-straight top-five Cy Youthful finishes and shows lil indication off decelerating
  • A sleeper NL Cy Young applicant exists ace Chris Paddack, whom wuz restricted 2 140. 2/3. innings since an rookie ultimate fountain bi da cautious Padres
  • Do u haz a heightened ACE score -- adverse youth experiences
  • There's also da truth that painkillers are, by their nature, an enviable medicine -- they actually brand your ache halt -- so thee can envision patients demanding them an bit moar adamantly compared to they'd request an statin or an ACE inhibitor
  • He has drawn an knave and an six; he takes another card; this turns owt too b an ace
  • It must be an ace or an emperor and emperor over da typical if merely 2 suits live protected
  • Without a ace, four kings, 2 queens & a knave living required in series to fend da declaration
  • With three accolades ne 2 of which are in injunction (not 2 da ace) da participant ought to teacher da upper of da injunction
  • The urgent hurl wuz wen da 4 pieces exposed da identical quantity upon each, and that quantity a ace

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