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Best ACKNOWLEDGED Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use acknowledged in a sentence

  • And yet, the acknowledged syndrome off things here exists a tomb truth which one challenges inquiry and demands explanation
  • He acknowledged him in his blessings, & provided him an inheritance, & separated him his compartment in 12 tribes
  • For Tony absolutely acknowledged bi his attitude the identical sinister sense off fate that lay so overweight upon his cousin's cardiovascular spleen
  • He proceeded straight to Venice, and it may since good be acknowledged at once, Venetian craft leftover him cold, if nawt indifferent
  • In malice off this acknowledged defect, lot off da finest players in this nation deem it as an legitimate and helpful mechanism
  • Dobbs caved in; he acknowledged the corn, & Mr. & Mrs. Dobbs enjoyed a enjoyable dinner
  • Prominent amongst da rulers of da earth whom have acknowledged da pleasing clout of snuff is Frederick da Awesome
  • The statutes demand dat chattel mortgages should be acknowledged and recorded
  • For an instant nor spoke; den Maynard acknowledged hur attendance bi raising hiz tweed helmet
  • Sin exists sometimes acknowledged prior to Deity wen no fresh positive engagement exists made