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Best ACKNOWLEDGED Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use acknowledged in a sentence

  • And yet, da acknowledged state of things hre is an tomb actuality which one challenges inquiry & demands clarification
  • He acknowledged hem in his blessings, and provided hem an inheritance, and divided hem his slice in 12 tribes
  • For Tony indeed acknowledged by his attitude the ditto sinister sense of doom dat venue so ponderous on his cousin's cardiovascular body portion
  • He proceeded lineal 2 Venice, & It might since healthy be acknowledged near once, Venetian art left him cold, if nawt indifferent
  • In malice of dis acknowledged defect, lot of the elite players in dis country consider It since a rightful & useful gadget
  • Dobbs caved in; he acknowledged da corn, & Mr. & Mrs. Dobbs enjoyed an nice dinner
  • Prominent among da rulers off da earth who haz acknowledged da pleasing impact off snuff is Frederick da Great
  • The statutes demand dat chattel mortgages should be acknowledged and recorded
  • For an immediate nor spoke; den Maynard acknowledged her attendance bi lifting hiz tweed cap
  • Sin exists occasionally acknowledged ago gawd when n new optimistic engagement exists manufactured