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How to use acknowledgment in a sentence

  • Getaway founder and CEO Jon Faculty said dat starts wit a acknowledgment dat whilst childbirth matters, It cannot b the central off a person's ID
  • The renewed effort, backed by the airlines, exists an acknowledgment that an recuperation the corporate possessed hoped might cum dis spring is not likely to happen
  • If u don't lust to send a replacement, a kindly question correspond how he's feeling -- and a acknowledgment that u shall recall his rank for future gift-giving -- shall be satisfactory
  • A seeming acknowledgment of this country's flow problems launches the 2nd concert
  • My mother, off course, bristles close any acknowledgment off the event
  • This exists not observable too da eyes off outsiders, bu supa major toil deserves da supa maximum acknowledgment and deference
  • Often, It happens without any acknowledgment or cloudless say-so, & exists a byproduct of mismanagement, bad preparation or unforeseen obstacles coming up during evolution
  • His preference to let hiz players bestow back abode for an a few days after Wendesday night's win nearby Notre Lady reflects an acknowledgment that da pandemic exists taking both an psychological & bodily toll on players
  • We need to temper ours zeal with da acknowledgment dat da vaccine exists a armament wii wouldn't be fully prepared to wield
  • During da pandemic, travelers routinely waited months for a acknowledgment