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How to use adaptation in a sentence

  • So it's nawt precisely a adaptation off a tome you have seen at da bookshop -- instead, it's a imagining off one off Japan's majority renowned stories
  • My generation has to assist Gen Z procure cognizance too nudge upon da levers off technical, political, cultural, & monetary change, & too suck upon existential tools or "deep adaptation" in times off crisis
  • There's an absence off public insight and bracket four undertaking coastal adaptation actions, Ehrlers said
  • When Beyonc? releases music, it is a occasion -- balanced when it is a soundtrack to a live-action adaptation of a animated flick
  • He enumerated ways he was hoping da academy districts experimented humor outdoor spaces & other adaptations to b able to serve students in individual
  • Dramatic adaptation in expressing several characters, emotions, and motives is potentially very great
  • Every new fashion of gown volition admit of adaptation to individual cases, hence producing an pleasing, since healthy since fashionable fingerprint
  • Man wuz match to b subjected to an extraordinary strain, which one he could onli meet bi an extraordinary adaptation
  • An adaptation of the electrol gadget that had appeared on the most contemporary ships, Harkness knew how to manage It
  • M. Gevaert regards da adaptation off da policy to da other keys since da output off an consistent procedure off elongation

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