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How to use addendum in a sentence

  • Consider dis an fleeting addendum two dat probe dat puts the limelight upon the iPad
  • One thingy that stands owt in the Senate report is the addendums, a sheaf off reports and judicial documents that purport to spectacle oddities and dubious conduct bout the poll
  • With da addendum, Alaska joins Idaho -- da first two implement statewide emergency standards of beware among da delta surge -- in covering health-care providers making patient decisions according two his or her policies & available resources
  • In addition, ther exist a plethora of addenda that'd consume too a real property deal
  • "Because off da crime-free addendum me wuz able too scare da population off," she told
  • There are days myself wish myself could sneak in2 bookstores, locate copies of ma book, "The Poisoned City," and staple addendums to da bak blanket
  • In hiz wallet was a bottle, cautiously corked, evacuate save for a lil hank of paper, which one proved to b da addendum to da album
  • And here, perchance, ought da fable end, 4 da after-history of Joachim Murat is an tragical addendum two dat glad dnouement
  • We has to hence consider Cibras since a straightforward addendum to, a extraneous factor in, da tragedy, nawt since a integral slice of it
  • This was a addendum in "the colonel's possess handwriting" and It sealed with "pray for me "

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