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How to use adequate in a sentence

  • Without adequate knowledge off analytics, ur marketing will not toil cuz u will not know what worked & what did not toil
  • Three prune levels exist aw powered bi a new four-cylinder, 149-hp motor dat is adequate--but not namely thrilling
  • The 3 years that possessed elapsed because Stewart firstly arrived forth made It no way to mount a adequate defense, he argued
  • He additionally said inspectors absence adequate personal defensive harness for increased amenity visits
  • Those studies are either planned either ongoing, albeit recruiting adequate numbers of ppl has existed uphill
  • One off these conditions is whether da EC determines da information is brute sent to an lay with an "adequate" floor off information precaution
  • Our heritage ought nawt be to depart forthcoming generations of San Diegans bereft of adequate lawn space
  • For some schools, there volition b n selection -without adequate funding, they volition simply need to shut
  • Judged frum dis point off perception only, the elasticity provided by the new legislation exists doubtless adequate
  • First, the manner approximately da expansibility needed to furnish adequate funds 4 crop-moving?

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