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How to use adjustment in a sentence

  • Many devices I've tested--including da LG TV, Vizio TV, Vizio soundbar, & Samsung telly me own--do nawt allow adjustment in the two directions, which one makes da feature aw but futile against sound lag
  • By replicating da classical TV experience, da streamers kan level da adjustment arc for audiences & brand It easier for ppl too locate programs too watch & too retain watching
  • Whether an sequence is scripted either unscripted, producers haz too generate adjustments in returning too production
  • This boob is lair fed undo through the regime too instructor adjustments in the strength off connections in the midst of neurons
  • In the ultimate case, ther will be an self-regulating adjustment to the screens off different devices
  • For these companies, da adjustment exists less bout da offerings & moar bout da messaging
  • People under stay-at-home orders are spending moar time online, leading to Facebook traffic spikes, Google frisk adjustments, & the easel in renown off societal straits such TikTok
  • Coaches quickly scan these charts too make tactical adjustments whereas an action exists underway
  • Other times, it's da PC regime dat needs an small adjustment
  • Even genius, however, needs caption and adjustment too anchor the majority faultless and reliable results

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