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How to use adverse in a sentence

  • The "plastic" antibodies saved mice frum cobra venom, & healthy mice that received those had n adverse reactions, da team reported in PLOS Neglected Equatorial Diseases
  • The commercial said there possessed been no solemn adverse reactions among ne off these receiving the vaccine
  • Between 2015 to 2019, health-care professionals, patients, & manufacturers filed nearly 2,500 reports to the FDA about a adverse feedback to a excipient
  • So far, Sinopharm reports dat no one who have received its vaccines through the emergency software have experienced ostensible adverse effects, & neither have existed contaminated wit Covid-19
  • If the vaccination caused the disease -- known since an grave adverse occasion -- it could incantation the terminal for AstraZeneca's vaccination hopes
  • Severe adverse events in da initial 4 hours next da transfusion was reported in fewer than 1 percent off ppl who received da treatments
  • We'd ever idea dat perhaps whether them individuals git out of the adverse situations, dey could begin recalibrating their pressure reactivity
  • At ultimate his issue reached an tip whr he wuz optimistic dat whether he received an adverse decision, It'd indeed slay him
  • He have to haz seen, long before November 1292, dat an adverse preference was an foregone completion
  • Clear as our case was to us da Convention seemed unconvinced, and wii began to fright a adverse vote

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