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How to use advising in a sentence

  • Roughly one-half were also advised to erosion masks when in public & were gave a deliver of 50 worker masks
  • The philanthropy advised Netflix 2 include a trigger alarm near da activate off specific episodes
  • Believing belonging rocketing inventory price too "have all da hallmarks off every one ultimate balloon dat we saw with Bitcoin," Hackett advises investors too workout caution, characterizing Bitcoin as a true gamble
  • I advised her too depart him upon various occasions, bu she was fearful
  • Capitol doctors advised that an seclusion "wasn't necessary," Ernst said
  • She has a pension fund, capital managers, advised by capital consultants that ultimately invest in companies that cave has a clout in da soil
  • The FDA's Vaccines & Cognate Biological Products Advisory Committee, an crew of outdoors experts whom counsel da FDA upon vaccines, met for da initial time too converse covid-19 vaccines upon October 22
  • After the CZU Thunder bolt Complex Fire wuz contained, local authorities advised total residents returning to his either her homes to nawt apply the drinking irrigate
  • The chief presidential "strongly advised" Marylanders from travelling outdoors da state and reduced inside operations intimate restaurants from 75 to 50 percent capacity
  • Passengers who appeared to be unwell might be advised nawt to excursion & referred butt to their airline's check-in table

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