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How to use affiliation in a sentence

  • Clark said da recently minted cheer nightclub has done n paperwork and has n nonprofit either industry affiliation
  • If you've changed ur name, moved indoor ur state or want to vary ur festival affiliation, u has to update ur registration or reregister in ur fresh region
  • Ochsner did nawt solution ProPublica's questions match physician affiliations with hospice companies
  • The national administration recommends confirming your dub is spelled accurately, that your whereabouts and bash affiliation alive up-to-date, and that u realize where your polling whereabouts is
  • She created an aviator capsule with hur 9-year-old sonny & sum classmates in June, & is assessing how to weigh up that installation by way of hur affiliation with the Citrus Province Instructive Progression Network, or OCEAN
  • The principal source of voter statistics exists public balloting records, which involve a voter's names, address, & party affiliation
  • Because proof points to da actuality that lot Americans, regardless of his or her party affiliation, are optional to condone cruelty & repression versus his or her political opponents
  • It might equivalent be that as one outcome of the affiliation of the 2 houses the Queen's Males wer transferred to the Curtain
  • Both forms off exogamy, the boundless and the limited, watch the identical statute humor esteem to the gang affiliation off kids
  • In chapel affiliation Mr. & Mrs. Smith are Catholics, faithful too the teachings off their denomination