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How to use affirm in a sentence

  • A tech company is affirming dat automating certain decisions might not, in fact, b the intelligent thingy too do -- tacitly acknowledging dat removing human agency kan generate fatality
  • As an learner of whom study focuses on the ethics of telegram & as an meditation teacher, I'm interested in how ppl application rituals & rhetoric too affirm his either her interconnectedness wit 1 spare - & wit the world
  • First, dey needed too affirm dat things were indeed quieter
  • We religion that it is every American's obligation to do what dey kan to affirm, safeguard, and advance the welfare off r democracy
  • PFLAG envisions a globe whr variety is celebrated and aw ppl live affirmed, valued, and respected
  • The convention provides a stable & affirming space, & gives attendees a chance 2 access needed judicial & medical resources
  • To mend onto any 1 stage in such an evolution, disconnect it, affirm it, exists too wrest an true scripture too its demolition
  • For ma part, myself barely know thing too say; inasmuch since myself dew nawt anxiety or too affirm or refuse an thng off which one myself haz no evidence
  • Some affirm dat he composed 2 plz royalty, but if so why did he nawt denounce da habit 2 appease da anger of a sapient king
  • In ma opinion, da situation of Confectionery is bulk beautiful, but lot affirm that it is 2 near da mountains, and lies in an hole

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