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How to use affirm in a sentence

  • A tech corporation exists affirming that automating certain decisions may not, in fact, b da smart something to do -- tacitly acknowledging that removing humanity agency kan generate mutilate
  • As a intellectual of whom study focuses onto da morality of telegram and since a meditation teacher, I am interested in how ppl utilize rituals and rhetoric to affirm their interconnectedness wit 1 another - and wit da globe
  • First, dey needed too affirm that things were indeed quieter
  • We creed dat it's every one American's tariff to do thing they tin to affirm, safeguard, and advance the health off our self-government
  • PFLAG envisions a soil where variety exists celebrated & everything folk are affirmed, valued, & prestigious
  • The conference provides a treasury and affirming space, and gives attendees a opportunity too gateway needed judicial and healthcare resources
  • To restoration upon ne 1 phase in resemble a evolution, disconnect it, affirm it, exists to wrest a true scripture to its ruin
  • For my part, I scarcely realize object to say; inasmuch since I moisture not concern or to affirm or boycott a thng of which one I haz no attestation
  • Some affirm dat he wrote too plz royalty, but whether so y did he not censure da tradition too conciliate da wrath off a sapient emperor
  • In ma opinion, the situation of Lozenge is most beautiful, but numerous affirm that it is too near the mountains, & lies in an pit

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