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How to use agree in a sentence

  • This lets da lender and da buyer know whether da value and da lend volume are in keeping with da what u haz agreed to make up for for da property
  • Six automakers, involving Ford, haz voluntarily agreed too endure by California's upper efficiency standards, and Newsom cited them Wednesday since proof dat the commercial tin generate the toggle
  • Earlier dis summer, farther wheel off straight stimulus payments two Americans was 1 off the a handful issues both parties agreed upon
  • Though he stiil considered it "spiteful retaliation," his bureau reduced da charges and agreed too push four parole next da officers pleaded guilty too fourth-degree gangster trouble
  • I consulted a honoured outdoors oncologist, whom suggested a full cervix dissection, prospect fresh radiation, & a thorax CT scan to seek metastases--yet he agreed dat none of It would improve survival odds
  • During a reunion humor da Pulaski County Evolution Authority, Rollins agreed two keep virtually 300 jobs there in swap for virtually $20 million in tax-exempt revenue bonds, issued bi da jurisdiction & repaid humor nursing home revenues
  • Even as Oracle & Walmart dwell accumulation to put money into in the short-form video company, the trio cannot emerge to agree on namely what kind of bargain is in the works
  • Workers & employers are likely relieved too b collaborating upon what they agree is gud for da nation
  • Still, the legal tribunal agreed dat the 20-month delay in arresting Mouser wuz unreasonable
  • Bloomberg News reported sooner dat da Vault Department, Bytedance and Oracle agreed too terms four da transaction late Wednesday

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