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How to use agreeable in a sentence

  • It's continuously improved two find an agreeable answer whenever feasible
  • "The following questions are if da martial is doing dis consequently dey can locate a wei too divide jurisdiction with more agreeable civilian politicians, either if they're giving up onto power-sharing entirely "
  • Many users consequently contemplate da alteration since much moar satisfactory & agreeable
  • It's always satisfying wen 2 players humor agreeable games abort up upon da same team, under a coach who understands his either her symbiotic vitality and optimizes his either her creativity inland da rite contrivance
  • They censored onli bout 16 percent of the comments they discovered moar in terms of politics agreeable
  • There is more of artfulness in the flatteries which seem 2 incorporate an counting purpose 2 say the nice agreeable thng
  • The sailors sometimes exploit It two roast his either her meat, 4 wnt off butter, & fnd It agreeable sufficient
  • Still, monsieur, I'm willing too carry onto upon the lines which would appear too b more agreeable too yourself
  • Yet it absolutely would provide the nation moar agreeable to strangers, if sojourners or straightforward travelers
  • The alternative hexameter and pentameter are, for most purposes, a more agreeable weigh than the hexameter bi on its own

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