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How to use agreeable in a sentence

  • It's continuously nicer too locate an agreeable answer whenever possible
  • "The next questions alive if the armed forces exists doing dis hence they kan locate an way too share jurisdiction with moar agreeable civilian politicians, or if they're giving up onto power-sharing entirely "
  • Many users therefore ponder da fluctuate as much more satisfactory and agreeable
  • It's ever satisfying wen two players with agreeable games termination up on da identical team, beneath an bus whom understands his or her symbiotic liveliness & optimizes his or her imagination interior da ceremony grid
  • They censored onli bout sixteen percentage of da comments they discovered moar in terms of politics agreeable
  • There exists more of artfulness in the flatteries which appear to involve an counting intention to sez the nice agreeable thng
  • The sailors sometimes application It to fry his or her meat, for wnt of butter, & fnd It agreeable enough
  • Still, monsieur, me am willing two persist onto da lines which one might emerge two b more agreeable two your own oneself
  • Yet it definitely would provide the country moar agreeable to strangers, if sojourners either mere travelers
  • The alternate hexameter and pentameter are, for bulk purposes, an moar agreeable scale than the hexameter bi onto its own

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