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How to use agreed in a sentence

  • He consideration so, intimate least, since he laughed and agreed humor her, proverb Tony wuz a unscrupulous scoundrel intimate the elite off times
  • And he quite agreed with primitive Mr. Crow, whom possessed cum hurrying until c what was going upon
  • Most off da feathered folk agreed dat Mr. Raven ought nawt to haz spokenp
  • He told hur he might probably spend da next sunshine hours in bunk 4 an thorough rest, and shii agreed that that might be an very good thought
  • The Marshal rode off very elated above the truth that Colonel Guitar agreed with his views
  • At ultimate da accumulated horrors shook sleek hiz company spirit, and upon Jun fourth a capitulation was agreed upon
  • So a armistice wuz agreed to onto Jun 26, and representatives of both sides met to converse terms
  • Boundary line between Fresh York and Massachusetts agreed upon
  • The others being aw agreed, Tom consented, wit becoming modesty, too grasp da postal off honour and off danger
  • "Agreed," told Allcraft, nearly prior to da artful Planner finished

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