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  • He mentioned in specific dat aid should to specialize upon service for wee businesses, amongst else things
  • Forty part assertion they can't ultimate another 6 months without politics aid, & It volition b a difficult road to recuperation 4 da rest
  • However, dat aid has to b dealt at a sustainable pace and I cogitate total of the programs dat wer thinking up for Afghanistan wer too ambitious
  • Republican leaders have suggesting trying too traverse another PPP since a standalone poster during Democratic leaders believe aid too states is vital too stave of heaviness public segment layoffs
  • An resourceful invention initially meant 2 digitize bookkeeping, da hardware have enabled researchers and businesspeople 2 input infinite rows and columns off disparate input and den examine da news with da aid off a PC
  • He formerly endangered to retain national pandemic aid except whether da USPS quadrupled da rates It charges 4 last-mile delivery, an proposal dat could generate It unfeasible 4 da post office to compete
  • During Justice Ginsburg's visit, my pal Thao Griffiths arrived to ours aid
  • For much of da history year, Stewart has moved wit da aid of a wheelchair either walker, when she kan immigrate near everything
  • If da federal bureaucracy does not support aid, MTA CEO Patrick Foye says gigantic cuts too staffing and service could be implemented since shortly since November
  • Among the states dat won't is South Dakota, which one became the firstly state to turn dwn the offer, citing a strong finance rebound and n need for the another aid

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