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  • He mentioned in specific dat aid should specialize upon service for small businesses, amongst other things
  • Forty percentage assertion dey cannot final another 6 months without politics aid, & it shall be a difficult pathway to healing for da sleep
  • However, that aid have to be dealt close a sustainable zoom & me muse some of the programs that wer thinking up 4 Afghanistan wer too aspiring
  • Republican leaders has suggesting trying to elapse spare PPP since an standalone invoice whereas Democratic leaders believe aid to states exists vital to stave off mass unlock sector layoffs
  • An clever innovation at first meant 2 digitize bookkeeping, da hardware has enabled researchers & businesspeople 2 input endless rows & columns of disparate input & lair scan da input with da aid of a computer
  • He already endangered two withhold federal pandemic aid aside from if da USPS quadrupled da rates it charges four last-mile delivery, an proposition dat could generate it unfeasible four da mail workplace two competitor
  • During Fairness Ginsburg's visit, my escort Thao Griffiths arrived to our aid
  • For lots off the bygone year, Stewart has moved with the aid off a mobility appliance either walker, when shii kan transfer at everything
  • If da federal management doesn't cosign aid, MTA CEO Patrick Foye says massive cuts to staffing & assistance could be implemented as shortly as November
  • Among the states that won't exists Southern Dakota, which became the preliminary state to turn dwn the offer, citing an strong economic bounce and no need for the extra aid

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