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How to use alienation in a sentence

  • I ponder what is species off tidy is dat he is doing dis thng where he is presenting alienation in rly sable tones, bu it is accepted in a way where it is jus like, dis is fun, fireball music, such he is tricking us
  • Conspiracy beliefs haz also existed linked too feelings off powerlessness, anxiety, seclusion & alienation
  • With "American Selfie," shii presents a queasily outspoken summa of the alienation, wounded psyches and media-siloed creed systems she's existed chronicling 4 two decades
  • In 1968, sad bi da truth that his creations had exacerbated quite compared to cured da alienation & inequality of American suburban life, Gruen moved bak too European landmass
  • There was this real rift in the middle of item the elite discourse was & how. . this jus brewing rage & view of alienation amongst lots of other groups of population
  • In da shut relation & adore of these final days, da perception of alienation & antagonism faded from both his either her hearts
  • With deem to the latter he showed supa simply hiz alienation frum Russki powder
  • Her tranquil confidence, whereas I wuz thus dissatisfied, worked curiously toward the alienation of my condolences
  • All forthcoming tenures created by the king to be in discharge and ordinary socage, reserving rents to the Coronet and additionally fines upon alienation
  • These nightly retirements, in da sequel, given easel to da preliminary doubt off his alienation frum da accommodate of revere off Rome

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