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Best ALTERCATION Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use altercation in a sentence

  • We knew wii might haz big crowds, da potential for some unfriendly altercations
  • The switch-up came in the wake of Federline filing an patrol log upstairs an alleged bodily altercation in the middle of Jamie & Britney's then-13-year-old child Sean Preston Federline
  • Written, coproduced, directed by, and featuring Jon Favreau, Baker follows a dean baker in Los Angeles who up and quits hiz job among frustration with a bossy restaurateur and after a altercation with a cuisine reviewer
  • As I remember, Gerace possessed suffered some altercation with da elder members off da ministry
  • Investigators said the couple possessed a earlier altercation & Guzman returned too the station with a handgun
  • In Sep. 2019, Jamie Spears stepped down since conservator after an bodily altercation wit 1 of Spears's sons
  • A gentleman punched an manly acquaintance several times while an bodily altercation
  • In da reminder hours off Nov. 6, he wuz allegedly involved in an physical altercation between 2 groups outdoor off an Atlanta hookah lounge
  • Investigators claim Jackson produced a rifle and fired many times after a altercation at a large festivity
  • The teen's verbal hole was wedge whereas da altercation & he wound up in da infirmary