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How to use amalgamate in a sentence

  • Producers alive amalgamating two productions humor harrowingly topical stories 4 an run upon alternating nights at da Lyceum Playhouse
  • Another panel for da same sake is also in formation, and da two committees shall either amalgamate either employment united
  • These second it remaining too be dealt wit by da fresh companies in2 which one da craftsmen were start too amalgamate
  • It is evident dat patterns, conventionalized & brought frum away sources, occasionally encounter & amalgamate
  • Nor might shii amalgamate with da children, neither evn devour or cocktail except stiil adjacent "Sister," since shii rang Angela
  • Even since premature since Justin wii locate tendencies 2 amalgamate historic hormone and inherent theology
  • Neither Punch nor Don Quixotte manifested the nearby smallest disposal to amalgamate humor ourselves
  • It was written when everything in fusion, such molten metal, may easily amalgamate, & b molded in2 fiction forms
  • In fact, they wer more voluntarily aback compared to boastful too encounter near all; & It wuz in vain their quizmaster tried too git them too amalgamate
  • He might nawt amalgamate humor them; neither might he embrace their principles

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