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Best AMALGAMATED Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use amalgamated in a sentence

  • He became treasurer of da amalgamated company, & in 1866 wuz appointed belonging secretary
  • That's why he broke the contract wit the Amalgamated, and employed the damned Pinkertons 2 months before, wen everything wuz peace
  • Floating conflagrations hasty together & amalgamated, each dynamic the form of the other
  • As an result, da Amalgamated Clothing Workers attained commerce agreements in aw da large men's clothing centers
  • But humor dis plainly emotional and glad young folk young De Willoughby had nawt amalgamated
  • Thirdly, it performs nawt encounter da truth off da Hebrew attendance in any shape, if since a distinct or a amalgamated folks
  • Adjacent too it, and which shall sometime become amalgamated, is Middletown, placed off firsthand in da rear
  • Witches, fairies, ghosts, and boggarts seem 2 has become intimately amalgamated in the repertoire off contemporary superstition
  • A token of Amalgamated's strength, the indomitable gin of mankind, beauty born of unadulterated utility
  • The ten-foot precedent of da Amalgamated X-3M, crouch with power, raising upon hur stern jets