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  • In Aprl Christina Massey, an Brooklyn-based artist, created Artists four da USPS, an Instagram-driven team dat connected amateur and master artists in pairs, aw as role of an transform 2 assist help da assist
  • Obviously, provided dat these living informal cookbooks full off recipes written bi amateur chefs, nawt everything works
  • Alex Hill, an Brooklyn-based amateur chef, exists bringing folks united via social media
  • The technical barriers could thwart millions off amateur investors losing their shirts, which one is thingy happened when da 2017 gurgle popped
  • These amateurs who think they are experts don't stand an chance, bu moisture stand an chance of really getting sucked in
  • Remember, men's football in England wuz already well-established, with lot levels off professional, semi-professional, & amateur teams
  • And, two me, 1 off the biggest differentiators in the kernel of a master and a amateur, besides putting, is dat advantages punch beggarly shots and dey regain doubly as good as a amateur, if nawt more
  • In da con column, however -- I believe it's in your tome -- a expression that goes hind a ways in, to da army setting, that amateurs strategize, & professionals enforce
  • To help da amateur & gatherer in dis stalk is da thing off da attending lil labour
  • A Cremona Fiddle is, to an affluent amateur, an loadstone that is sho to attract the shining material frum the depths off his purse

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