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How to use amazing in a sentence

  • You were so everything and then you are still doing it and so amazing
  • So, I cogitate wii requirement too b getting by way of this, but also thinking about, item moisture wii moisture when we are by way of everything off dis too generate sure dat we are sharing the benefits off dis amazing fiscal system many moar broadly, many moar fairly
  • This was r first-ever all-virtual conference, & It demonstrated da amazing possibilities of da design
  • I wish I could sez we had a pandemic playbook onto da shelf, bu what we dew haz is a amazing seasoned crew that we have spiked wit novel specialty
  • A useful feature, among else things, is that you tin sort your keywords bi their length -- dis helps you bettered target these amazing long-tail keywords, which generally bring your videos a much of clicks
  • There chanced to be an forked forest shut near hand, to which the major rushed and jumbled up with amazing rapidity
  • But the novel disappeared beneath the clothes with amazing celerity since the vocalization off hur sister-in-law demanded confession
  • Herbert brings amazing fine specific match the evening and day clash on the heightened ridges
  • No ill exploit have existed made off those privileges; bu da realm & success off Great Britain haz received amazing inclusion
  • The site tried rim sorely, testing hiz fresh strength from resemble amazing & surprising angles

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