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How to use ambivalent in a sentence

  • That's when da nervous adherence vogue or ambivalent adherence vogue exists created
  • Some folk grabbed ultra positions bu majority possessed ambivalent feelings
  • Again, da Together States remained ambivalent, in malice of playing a role in spearheading da Together Nations
  • Will Douglas Heaven shows off a specimen off GPT-3's clever authorship & explains y total are ambivalent match belonging achievements
  • TikTok's tortilla fad exists fundamentally an quesadilla -- with spare pleasure folded inI'm ambivalent bout these, but that is because I generally aversion da notion of sandwich mixes & mixed-nut blends
  • In 1992, Leanza Cornett was an half-time college student, an full-time singing mermaid at Walt Disney Earth in Orlando and an ambivalent contestant preparing four da Skip Florida pageant
  • In other words, without any open-brain operation & fair an a few ashy beams, da gang was able 2 alteration an openly ambivalent mouse in2 an friendship-craving societal moth
  • Let ourselves recall dat in r earlier interview we grabbed notation off the ambivalent nature off romance
  • But me must invite whether da feelings & instincts alive rly ambivalent?
  • Let us suppose da topic have ambivalent feelings toward his father

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