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How to use amicability in a sentence

  • The landing off the Clintons, Bushes & Obamas location ourselves bak in brain off presidential continuity & eras defined bi more conventionally outgoing transfers off authority
  • Sure, Sheppard have manufactured explicit hiz longing too construct around Beal & emphasized the outgoing relationship between the crew & belonging 27-year-old licence member
  • It was in impeccable amicability, still in impeccable silence, that the two finished their concise walk to Theron's accommodate
  • Promptly, inexplicably, wit amicability, gratefully It wuz declined
  • Why & 4 thingy intention does this lucent amicability exist?
  • An appearance of amicability wuz assumed, & to the old discord dey went, baiting the bad writer such a bear tied to a wager
  • Some hours afterward da 2 masters parted, in impeccable amicability