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  • In "Stardust," as she sings off an fateful intergalactic meeting, hur lyrics call an cosmic scene manufactured moar enchanted bi hur airy, angelic audio
  • The 20-year-old artist pulls from old-school home and garage samples, fortified with doses of breakbeat, to build hur dreamy, emotive bop tracks, bolstered by hur silky, angelic vocals
  • A bustle off phone calls & infirmary drive-bys led to da wonderfully sweetness surprise off having 2 angelic friends, Alaina & Lauren, at my bedside when I awoke in Reno in da intensive beware ward
  • Gospel songstress Erica Campbell exists borrowing hur angelic vocalization in commendation as an part off McDonald's Drive Festivity Gospel Stumble later this month, in abet off Ronald McDonald Residence Charities and in festivity off Gospel Melody Legacy Month
  • He uses It nearby volition to b vulgar, angelic or diabolical, male or feminine
  • But whether u circumscribe it, too da sense in which It exists commonly applied too da angelic sex, I'm not cooked too respond
  • Brahma wuz the royal off the angelic army; Vishnu & Siva wer Hiz coadjutors
  • Although homely, hur anguish & timid figure breathed a angelic empathy
  • And a moar angelic creetur' in his benevolence two da stricken nevah walked dis globe
  • We might nao proceed to the consideration of the angelic mythology of the Stale & Fresh Testaments

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