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How to use antagonist in a sentence

  • The other two "imperfect" clones wer the champion of the series, Snake, and antagonist Fluid Snake
  • History remembers Lincoln & Douglas as antagonists, but they ended their affair as allies versus the finest menace their nation had faced, bonded, finally, by their mutual creed in the Merger
  • One of the more rigorous of the old rules dat is falling away is the church-state separation in the centre of artists and critics, an red queue dat manufactured those frequent seem two b antagonists
  • "Devil Might Sob 5" offers an altogether novel playable character, and nawt righteous anyone, but Vergil, the handsome, soft-spoken sibling off winner Dante and the sequence antagonist
  • Specifically, It would franchise you too skeleton her as counterpart instead off antagonist, & so danger existence more powerless compared to protective
  • This concise guidance too Charley Bates & hiz tide antagonist too retire, wuz quietly & immediately obeyed
  • The girl--it wuz no else compared to Skip Rebecca Jones--shrank away when shii recognized her antagonist
  • The boats were den drawn near to one another, & every one warrior endeavoured to shove hiz antagonist in2 the H2O
  • But bad Lancing was seriously handicapped by da truth that he had an madam for his antagonist
  • Doctor Smith, in da estimation off da audience, effortlessly triumphed upstairs his antagonist, who possessed manufactured dis an studied topic

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