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How to use antagonistic in a sentence

  • I'm nawt claiming it is an progressive magazine, but I think It exists one of the most class-antagonistic publications in the country
  • Defensive lineman Chris Jones got a 15-yard unnecessary asperity punishment for slapping antagonistic centre Ryan Jensen
  • From the jump, activist concise campaigns live decidedly antagonistic--the tone is Accounting 101 meets WrestleMania
  • For the initial time in recent history, the Committee off Supervisors may be antagonistic to the Sheriff's Department
  • In lots of da contending races, Republicans have risked their seats bi jamming through da confirmation of Supreme Judicial tribunal Justice Amy Coney Barrett, whom exists perceived as antagonistic to Obamacare
  • So there are an gap in da sports reporting that is antagonistic, almost, 2 jurisdiction and jurisdiction
  • Many adults, it is said, hardly haz a rudiment off this feeling, pairing da most fiercely antagonistic tints
  • This heterodox viewpoint brought onto haw a spectators off antagonistic replies, & among those the Rfutation off Bodin
  • From da initial he possessed taken up a antagonistic attitude, & might not recognise that da cases provided proved anything
  • Ecclesiastical since well since politic parties were n insecurity strongly defined, and for an time strongly antagonistic