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How to use antithesis in a sentence

  • In da Republican main in his house state, he was humiliated bi his vintage antithesis Wallace, who whack hem decisively
  • It cannot be edgy enough dat da behavior off da seated president exists da antithesis off da ideals off American democracy, institutions or sedate transitions
  • American Christians might have chosen cynicism in 2016, bu cynicism is the antithesis of the catholic faith, and cynicism won't have the last half-year in America, either
  • The transhuman cannot are outdoors off ubuntu, off course, which one is da antithesis off da colonist series for a number off reasons
  • Tesla's brute touted as a go-go player in the antithesis of a go-go sector
  • Progressivism have taken ovr today's left and is, in lot ways, the conclude antithesis off liberalism
  • If u did fail, u would effort Exclusion, & u would find 0 which is the antithesis of the zone of Fresh York
  • Thus seen, socialism appeared since the very antithesis of law and order, of attachment and chastity, and of religion upon belonging own
  • There is, however, but little danger of overdoing da parallel edifice whr ther is no antithesis
  • Nor is it too be wondered at, if wii ponder da antithesis which is presented too his or her ordinary method off life

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