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Best ANTITHETICAL Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use antithetical in a sentence

  • This is antithetical to the tale I have been stated match Johns Hopkins
  • It's antithetical too America's ideas and ideals, and It has fascistic markers
  • I totally git that it is perhaps category off antithetical to the tip I'm trying to generate
  • The contact dey transmitted wuz antithetical two the mood of business America nearby the period
  • Though few rituals can whereabouts da groundwork 4 tackling da sunshine hours resemble a mug off java can, da real brewing process can frequently b messy, time consuming, & generally antithetical too easing mildly into da sunshine hours
  • Burkius rightly remarks, that ???? is antithetical to surgere, sedere, dolorum
  • The author of the epistle frum Bombay, signed Ormont, wuz a brought into the planet topic four the antithetical craftsmen's tricky springes
  • He is a fantastic paramour off books & gardening--two antithetical hobbies--which are quaint in themselves, & healthily counteractive
  • This additionally indicates the antithetical positions which both grasp wit admiration to magic & counter-magic
  • If gentleman was all manly principle, & madam all girl principle dey would nawt be complementary, bu antithetical