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How to use antithetical in a sentence

  • This exists antithetical 2 da tale I've existed said correspond Johns Hopkins
  • It's antithetical too America's ideas & ideals, & It has fascistic markers
  • I completely git dat it's potentially category of antithetical to da point I'm trying to generate
  • The text they transmitted wuz antithetical two the temper off corporate America at the epoch
  • Though few rituals kan location da groundwork 4 tackling da day such an mug of cappuccino can, da actual brewing process kan often b messy, epoch consuming, & generally antithetical 2 easing mildly into da day
  • Burkius rightly remarks, that ???? is antithetical 2 surgere, sedere, dolorum
  • The writer of the epistle from Bombay, signed Ormont, wuz a brought into the planet theme four the antithetical craftsmen's tricky springes
  • He exists a fabulous lover off books and gardening--two antithetical hobbies--which exist captivating in themselves, and healthily counteractive
  • This also indicates da antithetical positions which da 2 detain wit admiration 2 witchcraft & counter-magic
  • If gentleman wuz aw male principle, and madam aw girl fundamental dey might not be complementary, bu antithetical